Residents of Brampton May Require Injury Lawyer

Residents of Brampton May Require Injury Lawyer

Growing City 

Brampton is currently one of the top ten largest cities with approximately 600,000 residents. When living in a large and safe community like Brampton, there is a chance of becoming accidentally injured. Should that occur, enlist the guidance of a Brampton injury lawyer.


Vehicular Accidents

Brampton has seen an increase in road and highway congestion. That means increased odds of incurring an injury when driving in Brampton. Within the Peel Region (Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga), in a four year period, there were 4,386 motor vehicle accidents occurring at intersections that resulted in serious or fatal injuries. There were 1,875 incidents of aggressive driving that led to accidents. Distracted driving accounted for 1,114 accidents.

Perhaps due to numbers such as these, auto insurance premiums in Brampton have the highest average in Ontario, maybe even the highest in the country. The paperwork for an insurance claim can be complicated. Seek a Brampton injury lawyer to ensure that an accident claim is properly addressed.


Pedestrian Accidents

The Ministry of Transportation estimates that in 2015, province-wide, 3,617 pedestrians were injured while crossing the street. There were 94 pedestrian fatalities. In most cases, the pedestrian had the right of way. Over half of the time, it was daylight; this may mean that driver speed or distraction may have been a factor. While pedestrian fatalities are rare in Brampton, city planners predict a one hundred fold increase of pedestrian accidents. A Brampton injury lawyer can assist, through avenues such as the vehicle driver’s insurance plan.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Across the country, 7,138 people were hospitalized in 2010-2011 due to slipping on ice and falling. Approximately half were age 60 or over. The number does not include those who simply went to a doctor’s office for treatment, rather than to an emergency room. The number can also be increased when factoring slip and fall accidents that occur on, for example, wet floors. Working with a Brampton injury lawyer can help establish a claim of negligence, should a tort pursuit be deemed an appropriate course of action.


Exercise Safe Judgment

It is always important to exercise caution. Never assume that a driver will see you and yield the road. Avoid distractions, like texting or listing to loud music. Pay attention, whether to sidewalk ice or a co-worker operating a forklift truck.


If sustaining an injury while living or working in Brampton, seek a Brampton injury lawyer.